Case Study

Thaifight London responsive web design development project

Thaifight London

A Muay Thai Boxing academy which also focuses on Strength & Conditioning. Kettlebells and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (in association with Carlson Gracie).

The focal point is muay thai - a Thai striking combat martial art which is known worldwide as a dangerous and effective art. Thaifight London caters this art for self defense purposes and gears it more towards MMA.

Thaifight London is also under the Carlson Gracie flag and now also teaches Brailian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Responsive website
  • Custom timetable
  • Custom timetable
  • Content creation & population
  • SEO

The story

Thaifight London already had a pre-existing website but this was extremely outdated, not mobile responsive and also an amateur website with no real structure.

As the firm was growing, it was only right that they marketed themselves in the appropriate, professional manner and this meant that a website would be needed as part of that.

Thaifight London old website The old website

What we did

We completely did away with the old website and made our own!

The key details we focused on were:

  1. making the website responsive and mobile-friendly
  2. allowing students and potentials students a way to get in touch with any queries
  3. ensuring there was plenty of informative content to help website visitors know more
  4. setup a well structured site with attention on user journey
  5. make key components easy to use/read - eg. the timetable

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Thaifight London old website Thaifight London responsive web design development project
Responsive website

The new website was designed with responsive and mobile-friendliness in mind! - this can be seen in the before and after

We focused on setting the website up with a clean structure that was both appealing and elegant - we wanted to help portray the website in the correct manner.

You can see we got rid of the flame background and used a clean and simple white background - this complimented the content, structure and other colours used on the website.

Thaifight London responsive web design development project custom contact forms
custom contact forms

We designed responsive contact forms that were easy to use, read and understand.

Anti-spam technology was custom integrated to fight spam emails as the forms were connected to the Thaifight London email inbox.

These forms have proven to be a successful as they are constantly in use, converting those leads!

Thaifight London old timetable Thaifight London responsive web design development project custom timetable
responsive timetables

Responsive, clean and elegant

We designed custom timetables that were responsive - let's make it easy for the users!

You can see the before and after images - these show the clear difference where the new timetables clearly layout the details so they can read and interpreted straight away.

The new design all fits in together too!

Thaifight London responsive web design development project custom enhanced class pages
class pages

We designed and developed engaging and attractive pages with high-level, informative content and a fantastic set of images.

This was geared to providing the right details and description on topics to website visitors so that they could make the most of the website.