Case Study

Faixa Preta responsive web design development e-commerce project

Faixa Preta

Faixa Preta is a newly formed premium Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fightwear brand with focus on designing and creating high quality, hard wearing and stylish products.

The parent company is Faixa Rua which is an established and long-standing competitor in the market, with over 10 years of experience, of producing BJJ fightwear and apparrel.

  • Responsive website
  • E-commerce platform
  • Custom shop filter
  • Custom contact forms
  • Content creation & population
  • SEO

The story

Faixa Preta is a newly formed business that descends from Faixa Rua, which has a well-rooted background having kicked off over 10 years ago.

The aim was to formulate a new company which was geared not only more specifically to the US martket but also one that created more exclusive and premium products.

This meant that the website created would need to match the vision and the message that Faixa Preta wanted to convey - high quality, hard wearing and stylish... something well up our street!

What we did

Initially we researched and studied the sector and explored different e-commerce styles and trends. With this research, we set about designing a responsive e-commerce website being very selective to give it a unique presence and feel - so this meant exploring colour palletes, typography, layout and structure.

We felt it would be a fantastic idea to design and develop a custom e-commerce website which was also geared to help them with their 'behind the scenes' business - stock management and inventory control.

After immense research we decided it would be best to go with PayPal as the payment gateway and integrated this into the platform - reasons behind this were primarily fuelled by popularity, security and preference.

There were many custom developed features added, ranging from contact forms all the way to custom shop filters. In addition to this we carried out SEO work to ensure that the website was on the right path to being found and to get it ranking straigh off the launch.

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Faixa Preta responsive web design development e-commerce project seo
Responsive e-commerce website

A fully responsive and mobile friendly website was developed - it supports the most popular devices and web browsers.

We designed the layout of the website and pages to help Faixa Preta maximise their potential from early also with the use of spectacular images.

Faixa Preta responsive web design development e-commerce project seo custom filters shop
custom shop filter

We developed customer shop filters which were designed to help customers find the right product with ease!

We thought it would be cool to hide this enhanced filter when it isn't needed so we can make the most of the page space - UX!

Faixa Preta responsive web design development e-commerce project seo custom contact forms
custom contact forms

Not only responsive but also styled to catch your eye!

They are placed on the most important pages so that customers can easily get in touch with any queries - after all, it's them we are serving.

Faixa Preta responsive web design development e-commerce project seo custom enhanced product pages
enhanced product pages

Responsive, well structured and laid out to be as effective as possible!

Customers can easily see what they need on these pages - product images, product description/details, related products and options to help them purchase.