Case Study

Carlson Gracie London responsive web design development project

Carlson Gracie London

Carlson Gracie London is the headquarters of one of the leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clubs in UK and also teaches other martial arts (Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, No-gi, MMA, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning and also Yoga.

Ann outstanding reputation and well-established lineage, Carlson Gracie has many smaller clubs in the UK and is a global force to be reckoned with.

  • Responsive website
  • Custom timetable
  • Custom contact forms
  • SEO

The story

Carlson Gracie London already had a website in place however this was extremely out-dated and proving difficult to use - especially on mobile devices.

With BJJ and MMA becoming ever so popular and the club membership growing rapidly... the team needed a website to help with branding and marketing.

It was also important for website visitors to access details on the fly, when they were on the go on mobile devices. One of the key troublesome components was the timetable which was hard to read and use on mobile screens.

Carlson Gracie London website before The old website

What we did

We gave the website a complete makeover! It was time that the firm caught up with the modern ages with a new, modern website... so we set to work on this challenge!

The key details we focused on were:

  1. making the website responsive and mobile-friendly
  2. allowing students and potentials students a way to get in touch with any queries
  3. ensuring there was plenty of informative content to help website visitors know more
  4. setup a well structured site with attention on user journey
  5. make key components easy to use/read - eg. the timetable was pretty dire on mobile

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Carlson Gracie London old website Carlson Gracie London responsive web design development project
Responsive website

The new website was designed and developed with a big emphasis on it being responsive! One of the key criticisms with the old website was that it wasn't responsive which made it hard to use on mobile devices - most people would simply just give up!

You can see the difference straight away with the before and after images shown!

Carlson Gracie London responsive web design development project custom contact forms
custom contact forms

Eye-catchy and responsive contact forms were developed so that the club could be easily contacted with any questions.

We integrated anti spam technology to minimise spam emails getting through to the club's inbox - this was proving to be problematic as legit emails would often be overlooked.

These have definitely proven their worth since the launch of the website!

Carlson Gracie London old website timetable Carlson Gracie London responsive web design development project new custom timetable
responsive timetables

The old timetables were definitely criticised by website visitors - we found this out during our research phase... we even witnessed the problem first hand when we investigated the old website!

The timetable was hard to interpret on desktop, let alone mobile but we made this a priority and formulated a solution that structured the timetable clearly on desktop and mobile too.

To witness our solution, simply take a look at the before and after of the timetable!

Carlson Gracie London responsive web design development project enhanced class pages
class pages

We designed and developed engaging and attractive pages with high-level, informative content and a fantastic set of images.

They were focused on providing the right details and description on topics to website visitors so that they could make the most of the website.