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Why you need a PROPER website
If your a business/brand, find out why you need a website... one that is high quality and built to meet goals.

Welcome to our second blog post.

Today we will look at the benefits of not just having a website for a business or a brand, but also what the benefits of having a proper website.

When I say "proper website", I mean one that is designed and built by a professional who knows what they are doing. Anyone can string together together a website these days using site builder tools or some form of software helping them - but it takes a true master of the craft to design and develop a website that meets specific goals.

What kind of goals?

  • Maybe to raise more brand awareness?
  • Let locals know that you offer specific products/services?
  • Increase traffic to your website?
  • Convert more traffic so you monetize?
  • Have an online "employee"/tool that works all day, every day, non-stop?
  • Make your business seem more credible?
  • Interact with your clients and customers?

Let's take a better look...

Connect with more customers
  • More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet - that's around 40% of the world's population - this number grows by about a billion every year.

  • According to studies, 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses - I guess you would like to be counted as one of these being hunted.

  • According to a Google Study, 88% of consumers go to contact a local business within 24 hours of finding their website - imagine all those customers who want to reach out to you!

  • Being online means you can be found by more people who are searching for your products or services - this is essential to push for business growth - especially when customers are looking for those all-important local services.

Always online, always working
  • Your website is working for you 24/7, 365 without having to be turned off and locked up outside of your working hours; it can become one of your most important tools/employees.

Instant credibility
  • By having a digital presence your products and services can be found amongst your competitors and allow for your business to be taken seriously; let’s build your trust, reputation and professional appearance.

  • Without a website, many people will not even consider you as an option when they are looking for products or services. If they can’t find you online they simply write you off as an option. A good website informs and reassures customers that you know what you are doing and can deliver what they need.

  • A great website can be designed to influence people’s decisions and educate them

  • Make sure that you are working with great designers and developers to ensure that your website is showcasing your brand, services and products in the best way possible.

  • Working with professionals, you can design a user experience to take users on a journey, this can be mapped out to help them have the best experience on your website.

  • With a high-quality user experience mapped out you can help users discover what they want with ease and ensure that they get to their end goal – this helps you convert so that you can meet your goals and targets too.

Customer engagement
  • Having a website allows you to get online and engage with your customers. You can use this platform to communicate, inform and educate customers – whether this be about your brand, services, products or industry sector.

  • Engaging properly with your online customers means that you build rapport and get to show off knowledge in a new light – use this to your advantage.

Save time - time is money
  • Inform and educate your customer with your web content – this will save you time when you communicate by direct means (e.g. telephone, face-to-face, etc.) which saves you time… and time is money!

  • With content always online, you can offer these services all year round and your customers can explore them when it best suits them.

Stay tuned for our next post!

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