Pure Syntax - branding is important

What is branding and why is it important.
Branding - why you might be underestimating this essential component to your business!

A brand represents how the outside world sees and perceived your company so it will represent you. It will represent your services and your reputations, it will form as a vital component for you when it comes to advertisements and be the foundation of your logo.

It is more than just a memorable logo – good branding is essential for:

  • Driving your business’ awareness
  • Increasing the value of a company
  • Help building your company reputation
  • Make you stand out from your competitors
  • Project your values to attract new/ideal clients and customers
  • Provide direction and motivation for your employees

A brand has both functional and emotional elements which creates a relationship between you and your consumers/clients, staff, etc. It is more than a component for your marketing strategy; it’s how you are positioned and a communication base for your company to be brought to life – it’s who you company is and what they stand for.

For marketing, branding is essential the first step – it is important to build an image of your company before you start delivering your message, values and content to your projected audience

Branding improves recognition

The aim is that your company gains recognition, retention and promotion.

The logo for your company must be one that sticks in people’s minds so that when a service is on the cards, your company name and logo spring to the minds of consumers and clients.

It’s more than just the logo – it’s the name, identity, colours, etc. It will be the foundation of your marketing and strategy.

Branding creates credibility

A clean, professional appearance builds credibility and trust for your company – you want to be believable. Delivering high-quality service is key, that’s obvious… but looking the part is just as important.

If you look like you represent a brand that is legitimate and one that can deliver the message and value they say they can, then it’s only natural for your customers and consumers to trust in you.

The result will help you gain loyalty from clients and consumers – yes it’s important to win new business but it’s just as important to retain current business too.

It’s all about using emotion when it comes to influencing – this is how your branding identity comes into the equation.

Branding goes hand-in-hand with advertising

Let me hit you with a question… how do you plan on advertising your company or business? What will you use to represent you? Do you want to be proud of how you will be seen?

Obvious, but important questions.

A DIY logo is fine… but do you think that it help you acquire the business that you need/want? Do you think it will help you get to where you want? Will it deliver that all important message?

A clear identity and representation of your business is needed, not only to deliver your message, values and services clearly, but to also help you gain recognition and be remembered.

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